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Your dog needs to obey and respect you regardless its age as you are the owner and must understand that you have authority over him. A good dog listens to the owner and will adhere to whatever he says as he understands that he is under your authority and must respect that. A dog should know how to obey and become very responsible in everything it does this means a good dog trainer must be involved to amend its behaviours. A dog should be able to read dog instructions and that does not just come over night rather it needs some proper training for it to be able to do that. A trained dog stays happy and very jovial as it can read the instructions and can be able to understand what the owner wants.

In this article we are going to look at factors to consider when selecting a dog trainer as they do vary in experience and knowledge. A positive dog trainer should be knowledgeable this means that he must be learning new things about dogs each day as they do the training. This is vital as there is always new breed of dogs each time as they continue with their task thus having more to teach and train a dog will need more knowledge and learning. A good dog trainer should have a license of which clients should have faith in him and must trust in his services, license is an assurance that he is legalized and qualified to take such a business. Volunteering means he can work for extra hours juts training dogs and should be available anytime he is needed to attend the dogs that’s what we call commitment and compassion. A dog trainer should be compassionate about his work and more so he must be a pet lover as this is a calling and not just a job.

Dogs are juts pets like any other thus should be handled with much care and passion that’s why a dog trainer must have that passion and love towards his job. A dog trainer is someone who should be very tolerant to handle dogs and must not feel tired at any point knowing that these are pets and they rely on his services to get help. A must know all sorts of breeds by checking at their physic and also should be able to handle all of them this shows that he is qualified and well trained. However the owner of the dog should be ready to participate when training is underway understanding that this is his pet and must know what to be done for easy handling. Your dog should understand that he belongs to you and when you are there during training it means that it will listen to you and adhere to all the training since you are there.
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